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december, 2022

Finish no more fluff

Finish marathon marriage

Registration opens for:

Healing Health- new signature program

January, 2023

Healing health starts

April, 2023

April 21-22 The Beginning Stephanie Guest Speaker

April 28-29 Belle Project Utah

june, 2023

Women’s only retreat in Mexico

october, 2023

Belle Project Chicago

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October, 2022

Confidence challenge is going on

Registrations open for:

Marathon marriage- couple course

No more fluff – fitness program

november, 2022

No more fluff starts

Marathon marriage starts

Live Event:

The Belle Project Chicago Nov 13

about Stephanie polcyn

owner of sweet disaster

My name is Stephanie Polcyn and I am the owner of Sweet Disaster. I am a female health and wellness coach and empowerment speaker.

I help working moms lose weight, take control of their health, and love themselves again because I believe every woman deserves to be and feel at their best in every aspect of their lives.